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About Me

Meet Morgan Palenik, the Lash Expert and Founder of Reverie Lash & Beauty.

Morgan's passion for lashing and the beauty industry began in high school. While studying to become an esthetician, she started lashing her friends on the side for fun. After two years, she began working full time at a salon. Morgan has attended multiple conventions, classes, and workshops that enabled her to learn from some of the industry's most skilled artists and business owners.


In 2022, Morgan's passion and dedication led to the establishment of Reverie Lash & Beauty, a cozy and welcoming space where clients can relax during their 1-3 hour visit. The brand's name, Reverie – meaning "daydream" – emphasizes luxury and dreaminess while prioritizing natural lash health. Morgan's aim is to achieve an end result that compliments each client's unique natural beauty and style.


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